COVID-19 Update


Dear Travelers,

Despite earlier indications that Cuba had been handling the Covid crisis better than many other countries, it has become apparent to us that tourism to Cuba cannot resume in 2021. The vaccination targets that the Cuban health authorities had set are far from being met. And while tourism to Cuba has been very strictly controlled, allowing limited travelers from only a few countries to visit a few beach resorts, the virus has been spreading rapidly. Added to the mix, a severe hurricane and internal factors have made it difficult for the entities that handle tourism in Cuba to make all the adjustments that the Covid pandemic requires.

insightCuba has operated tours to Cuba for many years. It is a destination we and our travelers love to visit, and with good reason. Although we are anxious to resume our tours to Cuba, we have decided to wait until early 2022.

Please be assured that we will resume travel to Cuba as early as possible in 2022. Our travelers want to visit, and the Cubans are waiting for us to return. As those who have visited the island with us have already discovered, US visitors have been a major force contributing to the growth of private businesses, allowing young Cuban entrepreneurs to open restaurants, shops, artistic venues and more. At the same time, the Cubans have gotten to know us and discover that we are their generous, warm, friendly neighbors. It has been a remarkable exercise in establishing people-to-people contacts, and the results have been spectacular for everyone.

We have been working with our Cuban partners to update our programs and prices for 2022, and we expect to post the new dates on our website soon, and we look forward to assisting you in making alternative plans for the coming year.

Best regards,

Peggy M. Goldman ● President

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The trip was exactly what I was looking for. I liked going to the various schools and museums to get a real feel of the country. 

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