Audrey Brown

Tour Leader

As a result of a chance introduction to Cuban salsa dancing in Paris seven years ago, Audrey fell in love with Cuba’s infectious musical rhythms. Soon after, she traveled to the island for the first time, deepening her love for the country’s rich, vibrant culture.

Audrey holds a double degree in sociology and the comparative history of ideas. She likes exploring beyond her comfort zone and helping others do the same. She’s led Brazilian favela women through spoken English and studied the local language on her own in Mexico, Argentina, France, and Brazil.

Audrey is proud to work with InsightCuba. As tour leader, she’s eager to help others experience this elusive place that, despite its proximity to the US, has yet to share its warm and fascinating culture with many Americans. Drawing from her passion for Cuban culture, she works to provide authentic and accessible glimpses into the whirlwind experience that is Cuba. Audrey looks forward to being your tour leader. Come join her!