Chris Cirri

Travel Specialist

Chris grew up in the New York-New Jersey area, learning about travel from his father, who worked for airlines and hoteliers. His fondest childhood memories are of the many vacations he took with his family. Chris holds a BA in history from Ramapo College in New Jersey and has worked in the travel industry, primarily in Europe, for more than 16 happy years. He’s delighted to make the change to people-to-people tours to Cuba.

Chris considers all travel experiences wonderful learning opportunities. “Nothing else can compare!” he says. “To learn and immerse oneself in different cultures and observe people and their ways of life is a treat that keeps on giving.” 

In addition to Europe, Chris has made many trips to the Caribbean. “There is so much unparalleled beauty, history, art, culture, architecture, and cuisine to be experienced in this world,” he says. He also enjoys photography, which, he says, goes hand-in-hand with travel.