Consuelo Weber

Tour Leader

Mother of three and proud grandmother of nine, Consuelo jokes that she is “used to adventures.” The daughter of native Mexicans, she grew up in the Rio Grande Valley at the tip of Texas.

Consuelo’s interest in travel began when her father, who served in the U.S. Navy, regaled her with tales of his visits to Cuba, and urged her to see the island for herself. She has visited Cuba 16 times and, she reports, is “always looking for an opportunity to go back.”

For 11 years, Consuelo guided visitors through Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and most of the U.S. She has trekked through the canyons of the West Coast. Consuelo loves Cuba’s art, organic farms, and enduring buildings, the fact that “mostly everyone can speak different languages,” and the friendships she’s formed there. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and affection for this land filled with warm and creative people.