Hilary Duffy

Tour Leader

Hilary is an avid traveler with a zest for Latin American cultures—and produce. Her favorite Cuban fruit is the mamey.

Hilary lived and worked in Costa Rica for seven years as a volunteer English teacher and director of an education program for school groups in the rainforest. She began her photography career covering news and travel for the Tico Times.

In 2001, she collaborated on master photographer courses for the Maine Media Workshops program in Havana, and later taught photography to local youth. She collected book donations to create a photography section at a cultural center library in Havana, and coordinated the Havana Youth Photo course with Cuban colleagues and US sponsors.

Hilary’s favorite photography assignments have included documenting NGOs in the US, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and tsunami-affected regions. Her last photo essay on Cuba was a joint project about emerging private enterprise.

She has enthusiastically co-led cultural trips for numerous organizations around the world. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge of Cuba and contributing to educational programs that help foster better relations, respect, and understanding.