Rebecca Kelley

Travel Specialist

Cuban-Italian-American Rebecca Kelley hails from New York and studied business management and marketing at Westchester Community College. Her travels have taken her to Holland, France, Thailand, Italy, Greece, and the Caribbean, among other places. 

Rebecca says her interest in travel ignited “the moment I touched down in Amsterdam on my first people-to-people tour through Europe.” She visited more than 11 countries before turning 24. 

“My favorite trip so far was my two weeks in Thailand,” she says. “If I could describe it in one word, it would be 'uncomfortable:’ the absolute best kind of uncomfortable. The bathrooms, language, and way of life were completely different from anything I'd ever experienced.”

“My favorite part of traveling is being able to experience different cultures,” she says. “And the opportunity to see foreign architecture holds a special place in my heart."

Most of Rebecca’s family came from Cuba in 1969, and many relatives remain in Havana. “I cannot wait to be able to visit the place that my family once called home,” she says. “I am 100 percent sure that I will fall in love with everything about Cuba. I can’t wait to share that love and help others travel to my beautiful country.”