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Explore La Isla de la Juventud: Colorful Wildlife, Colorful History

This cookie-shaped island-off-an-island, 60 miles from Cuba’s mainland, is the country’s largest in land mass (934 square miles; 31 in diameter), but smallest in population (fewer than 100,000). Its slow pace belies its tumultuous past.  

This special municipality knows little tourism, but serves as a popular summertime getaway for mainland Cubans and underwater explorers. Lush coral reefs, exotic fish species, and advanced SCUBA facilities reward adventurous divers.



My Cuba Diaries: Restaurante Museo 1514

In the small Trinidad, located in central Cuba, pretty museums are the norm. Known as Cuba’s Museum City, colonial architecture looms on every cobblestone street. Lucky me, I realized, as I first set my eyes on the antiques of Trinidad. A well-preserved living testament of the sugar trade opulence of two centuries ago, Trinidad is laden with heirlooms like no other city.



Cuba Making Headlines

Summers are usually relatively quiet in Cuba. Sweltering heat settles in over the Caribbean island, and Cubans abandon their city dwellings for the turquoise waters of local beaches. But, following a trend of changing times in Cuba, it seems that this summer has been anything but quiet.


Birthday Madness

For starters, the Castro brothers, who have presided over Cuba since the 1959 revolution, each had milestone birthdays this summer. On June 3, Raul Castro turned 85. Two months later, his older brother Fidel Castro turned 90.



A New Era of Travel to Cuba

Anyone who has been paying attention to headlines has gathered that travel to Cuba for Americans is getting easier. On August 31st, the first commercial flight since 1961 between the United States and Cuba landed in the Cuban town of Santa Clara, making history. JetBlue operated the flight, making it the first of half a dozen major carriers to kick off regularly scheduled service between the United States and Cuba.



The state of U.S. - Cuban relations

July 20th marked the anniversary of a historic day for both Cuba and the United States; one year ago, the former Cold War adversaries reopened embassies and officially restored diplomatic relations for the first time in over half a century. Huge crowds swarmed Cuba’s embassy in Washington, DC (and the U.S. embassy in Havana a month later) as the countries’ leaders took part in the flag raising ceremony.



Hello I am Consuelo Perez Weber

Consuelo began working with insightCuba in June of 2015 and has since led more than 15 tours. A proud Texan, Consuelo lives in the U.S.—a boon for our guests, as she travels to and from Cuba with the groups. She consistently receives rave reviews, such as:

“Consuelo and Madeline were among the most exceptional guides I have ever had! They, apart from the beauty and charm of Cuba, made the trip more worthwhile.” 
– Undiscovered 4.3.16 


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