Top 5 Items to Bring on a Cuban Adventure

1. Flexibility

Even if you’ve traveled the world three times over, traveling in Cuba is unlike anywhere else in the world.  Things can change at the drop of a dime and those who travel with an open mind will be fully rewarded.  When the hours of a restaurant magically change, you may end up stumbling upon one of the best paladars (privately owned restaurant, run out of someone's home) in town and enjoy succulent culinary delights.  If a museum isn't open at the intended time for a visit, your Cuban host may bring you to the home of a local artist who will welcome you into his studio.  In short, flexibility is the key to success for any Cuban adventure.


2.  Toilet paper

It may sound funny, but the truth is that many resources that we view as basic necessities can be scarce in Cuba.  While toilet paper will always be found in your hotel room, this is not necessarily the case while out and about.  Bring a portable roll or some tissues and you'll be prepared in any situation that may present itself!


3. Gifts

While not obligatory by any means, gifts are incredibly appreciated in Cuba where, again, resources are limited.  Toiletries, schools supplies, and gently used clothing will all be greatly welcomed.  You can bring notebooks for the local school you visit or leave extra shampoo and soap for the chambermaid.  Just know that Cubans are incredibly resourceful and will always maximize the usage of whatever you may bring.


4. Multiple sets of clothing per day

One of the beauties of traveling to Cuba is that warm weather year-round, however that warm weather also means that you may be a little sweaty by the end of the day.  When it comes time for dinner and heading out to one of Cuba’s amazing music venues, you’ll be happy to take a quick shower and get a new lease on life with a fresh set of clothes.  


5. Passport

Travel to Cuba is unique, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a passport!!  Just like when traveling to any other foreign country, if you don’t have your passport (along with a Cuban visa which, when traveling with insightCuba, you will receive prior to your trip), you are not getting onto the plane!



-written by our Travel Specialist Tes Cohen