Photo Series: Photographs of Havana

Havana is easily one of the most architecturally diverse places that you will ever see. Everything from Colonial, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Modernism and more is covered in different aspects of this interestingly historic city. The sun always seems to be just right for photography here. This coupled with the unique cityscape, old cars, and plethora of art everywhere make this a photographers dream. 

Currently, Havana resides as the third largest city in the Caribbean region with a population totaling around 2.1 inhabitants. The city was originally founded by the Spanish around 500 years ago (1515) of which it served as their central hub in colonization during this period.  Having originally been a used as a trading port, Havana was subject to attacks by early pirates and French corsairs of the day. Because of this, the Spanish turned Havana into the most heavily fortified city of its day in the America's. 

Through the course of Havana's almost five hundred year history, the city was subject to many different external influences. Everything from the Spanish, French, British, Russian, United States, Mexican and others made Havana as diverse and interesting as it currently is. Below we've highlighted some of our favorite pictures from our library of this great city. We hope you like them.

View to the inner harbor, Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg


Cannons in Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg


 Hotel Parque Central, Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg

Boyeros, Havana, Cuba.jpg

Gran Teatro de La Habana, Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg

Gran Teatro de La Habana, Havana Vieja, Cuba-2.jpg

Havana Vedado, Cuba.jpg


National Ballet School, Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg

Sunset on the Malecon in Havana, Cuba.jpg

Havana Centro, Cuba..jpg

Hotel Sevilla looking down on the National Ballet School, Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg



Monumento A Las Victimas Del Maine in Havana Vedado, Cuba..jpg


Old building in Havana Vieja, Cuba.jpg

Sidecar in Havana, Cuba..jpg


photos by Robin Thom

Currently, we offer both a Weekend Tour and Jazz Excursion to this exquisite city. If you would like more info on traveling to Havana, simply call or fill out a request to receive a Free Cuba Brochure. We hope you enjoyed these photos and look forward to hearing from you soon!