Cuba by Land & Sea

In Cuba and other Latin American countries, the word Malécon refers to a seaside esplanade that’s a popular gathering spot for locals. And Havana’s Malécon is especially magical, with its hypnotic salsa music, strolling young couples, groups of laughing friends, and fishermen hauling in the day’s catch from small, colorful boats.

Legally traveling to Cuba and exploring the Malécon is just one of the unforgettable experiences during one of insightCuba’s newly launched tours, Cuba By Land & Sea. This 12-day, 11-night journey allows travelers to experience the best of Cuba – the largest island in the Caribbean and one of the most enigmatic countries in the world – from its vibrant capital of Havana to its unexplored blue waters.

The tour starts with a six-day overland adventure, followed by a six-day journey by sea aboard the MV Louis Cristal. Take your pick of highlights: a visit to the Bay of Pigs Museum, which will shed light on one of history’s most controversial events (you’ll even see the clothes combatants wore); meeting local residents of Havana; seeing the Caridad del Cobre, Cuba’s most important church, which the Pope visits each time he is in the country; and exploring the secluded Isla de Juventud, or “Island of Youth,” an untouched, and rediscovered paradise.

At each stop along the way, whether on land or sea, you’ll be making some of your most treasured travel memories, while experiencing the generosity and spirit that Cubans are famous for. 

Tours start in early 2015, and space is limited. To travel to Cuba on a Cuba by Land & Sea tour, contact an insightCuba Travel Specialist today to make your reservation at 800-450-2822.