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Photo of the Day: Cuba Celebration

Husband and wife celebrating their wedding in Old Havana, Cuba. Regardless of the economic condition of the island or of individual families, Cubans know how to mark an occasion and celebrate milestones and events. Want the chance to witness a Cuban celebration? Travel to Cuba on any one of our six Signature Cuba tours or Specialty Cuba tours and the celebrations will often find you.



Photo of the Day: A Restored Teatro Marti

The newly renovated Teatro Marti (Marti Theater) is worthy of two photos today. Since the early 1960’s this landmark building existed as a shell of its formal self... literally. Located across the street from the Hotel Saratoga, the building was condemned and stood like an ancient ruin than a functional theater.



Las Parrandas de Remedios: the Cuban Christmas

Christmas time, as we know it, is a time of peace and quiet. A time to gather and celebrate, to rest and reboot. But Christmas in Cuba is nothing but quiet.



Photo of the Day: Cuba's ambassadors

Children are the heart and soul of any country. They provide keen insight into the people, the culture and the place, but more importantly they are a country's gentle ambassadors. Cubans treaure their children in ways that are measurable and noticible. It's one of the truly touching aspects about Cuba. As such, insightCuba will introduce guests to children across the country and in different settings. You may visit them in a school, or during a performance, at a community project, or just on the street.



Photo of the Day: Horse and Buggy

When people talk about how to get around in Cuba, most people mention the classic American cars. Some give a nod to the Russian Lada's or Moskvitch's that still line the streets. My personal favorite mode of transportation still widely available in Cuba is the horse and buggy.  In Old Havana you can ride around in a restored horse and buggy as a tourist for a couple of bucks, but in the rest of Cuba, it’s the real deal.



Photo of the Day: A Regular Day in Remedios, Cuba

In Villa Clara province, Remedios looks like many small towns throughout Cuba. However, that's no poke. Its Spanish colonial charm, quiet streets, and lack of overall tourism make it a charming destination and one of our favorites. But Remedios is not like any other small town in Cuba. On the days leading up to Christmas Eve, street celebrations called Las Parrandas take place. Beginning in 1820, Las Parrandas is one of Cuba’s oldest festivals.