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Cuba: A Black-and-White Kaleidoscope

While walking around Havana, or any part of Cuba, you’re likely to see some Cubans covered in chalk-white apparel from head to toe.  You have just been introduced to Santeria, a Caribbean animist religion with African roots.

One of Santeria’s many rites involves a religious “uniform” consisting of white shoes, white socks, white pants and long-sleeved shirts for men, and long dresses, “chals,” and white umbrellas for women.  All kinds of hats may be worn.



Jazz in Havana

You’ve heard it time and again. Cuba has rhythm. Cuba has soul. And fortunately so, the vibrant island has some of the best jazz you will ever hear.



Special Diets in Cuba

You might have heard—rightly—that vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free and other special diets are still largely unfamiliar in Cuba. However, no visitor to the island country has yet perished from hunger! With a little forethought, you should be able to navigate Cuba’s culinary scene. 




Insight Paladares: Bistro Havana Kohly

Of all things possibly associated with a 1950’s nouveau riche bedroom community in Havana a bistro worthy of a Parisian sidewalk seems a bit out of place. However in the Kohly neighborhood of Havana, just a few blocks from the Almendras river, the Bistro Havana Kohly is proving that being a bistro isn’t about location.



Top Ten Things to Bring to Cuba

Travel always involves some element of the unknown. That’s one of the great things about it! However, unpreparedness is not always a good thing—as you probably know. To minimize the frustration of neglected necessities, begin packing well in advance.  Each of these small-but-important things will serve you well in Cuba: