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Explore Old Havana in Cuba

Much has changed since Ernest Hemingway’s days in Old Havana, the glamour times of 50s Americana. But in essence, the enclave of colonial decay remains the same: stunning, vibrant, mysterious.



How to Hail a Cab in Cuba

The process of hailing a cab in Cuba isn’t all that different from anywhere else in the world: Wave an arm at a taxi, hope it stops for you, tell the driver where you want to go and then hop in if he says “vamos” (or anything in the affirmative).

From there, however, things get slightly more complicated because Cuba has different types of taxis. But don’t be intimidated: No matter which taxi, it’s an opportunity to hear upbeat music and have an interesting conversation en route to your destination.



Explore Miramar in Cuba

The residential district of Miramar lies roughly 10 miles west of Havana on a coastal strip that begins west of the Almendares River. Before the revolution, this area was home to many of Havana's elite.



Insight Paladares: Somos Cuba

Most new paladares in Cuba have opened as finely tuned, highly polished culinary performances. Few have been as adventurous as Somos Cuba (translated “we are Cuba”), which stands out for its grungy Old Havana tenement setting and underground, bottom up, do-it-yourself attitude. 



Six Surprising Facts About Cuba

You knew about the classic cars, temperate climate, and rollicking music. But did you know these other interesting things about our near neighbor? As our countries resume their old friendship, why not brush up on your knowledge? If you visit, it might come in handy!