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Ten Photography Tips for Cuba

If you enjoy photography, Cuba never disappoints. From the architecture and classic cars to the World Heritage sites, there’s plenty to fill the frame. Here are a few suggestions for photographers heading to Cuba:


Before You Go:



Insight Into Cuba’s Cuisine

Contrary to popular perception, Cuban cuisine is not especially spicy, nor characterized by heavy sauces or deep frying.



Behind The Scenes Look at the Cuban Embassy Opening

“It’s only a matter a time”, said Javier Dominguez, a Cuban government official in 2003 when the Bush administration just about carved out all permissible travel categories to Cuba. Not even a surviving war hero from the battlefields of Fallujah, Iraq would be allowed to visit Cuba to see his children before being sent back for another tour where he thought he would not return.  I was inspired by Javier’s optimism. After all, his whole life existed under the U.S.



Simple Tips for a Great Trip to Cuba from Dayna Steele

Last Thanksgiving, we booked an early Spring 2015 InsightCuba trip for the entire family to visit Wonder Husband’s ancestral island. On December 17th, the entire trip and experience took on a whole new facet with these simple words from President Obama, “Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.”