Explore Cuba’s third-largest city, with its culture of clay pots and history of pirate raids, from the back of a bicycle-drawn carriage. 

The 780-mile long island of Cuba is traversed in many ways – bus, car, horseback, tractor, buggy, bicycle, and anything faster than foot. In Camagüey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll take a bici-taxi past the town’s many people, parks and plazas. 

The first thing you’ll see is an abundance of clay pots in every shape and size. These tinajónes were first designed to catch rain waterAnd local legend says that drinking from a tinajón means you’ll stay in Camagüey.

Next, you’ll notice the city’s many blind alleys and forked streets that lead to plazas of differing size. The city was burned in 1668 by Henry Morgan (of Captain Morgan fame). Legend says the streets were intentionally rebuilt like a maze to thwart future attackers.

This activity is available on our Undiscovered Cuba tour or can be integrated into a custom-made itinerary