Get a one-of-a-kind look at Cuba’s natural wonders when we go snorkeling at Coral Beach and the stalagmite-filled Saturn Cave.

Found between the towns of Matanzas and Varadero, Coral Beach is a hotspot for shore snorkeling. Ideal for beginners and experienced swimmers, we’ll be accompanied by a resident guide who will teach us about the area’s aquatic flora and fauna. Plus, we’ll dive into Saturn Cave — one of Cuba’s best swimming spots.

About Coral Beach 

The easily accessible reefs of Playa Coral makes this a popular day trip for resort goers in nearby Varadero. Visibility often exceeds 80ft, so you can spot over 50 species of coral and 300+ species of fish among the warm water. 

About Saturn Cave

From Playa Coral, it’s just a two-mile drive to Saturn Cave through the small, oceanside town of Carbonera. Cueva de Saturno, named for the Roman god of liberation, is a cenote — a pit formed by collapsing bedrock, which reveals groundwater. Essentially, a natural, freshwater swimming pool. Visitors descend a series of staircases leading to the cave’s turquoise waters, where they’re free to snorkel or soak in the one-of-a-kind surroundings. At around 70°F, the water is cold but a sweet relief on hotter days. 

This experience is available on our Varadero and Havana tour or can be integrated into a custom-made itinerary.