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Why there aren’t any Castro statues in Cuba

The face of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, born in northern Argentina in 1928 and killed in Bolivia in 1967, is plastered on government buildings and billboards across Cuba. Tourist markets are awash with Che t-shirts, paintings, and replicas of the Argentine’s token beret with the single star across the front. A giant Che likeness, depicting his shoulder-length hair under the famous beret, overlooks Cuba’s iconic Revolution Square in Havana from the side of the Interior Ministry building.



Is Cuba safe for Americans?

The world has its eye on Cuba this year. The Caribbean island nation of some 11 million inhabitants has been topping news headlines and travel industry must-see lists, and for good reason. With its turquoise waters, unbelievably preserved wildlife habitats, distinctive music, rich history, lively culture, classic cars, and cigars, Cuba is stunning and unique. And with the recent political détente between the Cuban and U.S. governments, Cuba is more accessible to Americans now than it has been in decades.



My Cuba Diaries: Meeting Candita Batista

How does one go about planning a trip to Cuba based on meeting a centenarian? Let me tell you – no es fácil, as Cubans like to say. Chances are slim, and as it turned out in my case, nil. Two years after my first trip to Cuba, I was eager to make my way back to the Caribbean island, to witness the incredible winds of change as of late and to rub against the vibe of its people. But my end goal was to ultimately say hello to an old friend whom I’d met in Camagüey.



Famous and Notable Cubans

Cuba’s a small island, but it’s given the world many athletes, artists, actors, musicians, and other notables.



President of Cuba Meets InsightCuba’s President

In his first trip to the United States since 1959, Cuban President Raul Castro met U.S. President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and other dignitaries. Now, he can add insightCuba’s President, Tom Popper, to the list.

The two met at a reception for the president and United Nations delegation at the Cuban Permanent Mission to the U.N. on September 27th.  InsightCuba’s president described Cuba’s president as “very cordial.”



My Cuba Diaries: In Baracoa, casa particulares are thriving

Daysi Camejo Fiffe of Baracoa is a typical Cubana. She is hospitable, vivacious and kind. She smiles broadly. 

And yet, the plump, flamboyant Daysi stands out from the crowd. Apart from her day job at the local secretary’s office, where she’s been managing confidential documents for the past 32 years, she brings in extra income by renting her home, in what is known in Cuba as a casa particular.


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