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My Cuba Diaries: In Baracoa, casa particulares are thriving

Daysi Camejo Fiffe of Baracoa is a typical Cubana. She is hospitable, vivacious and kind. She smiles broadly. 

And yet, the plump, flamboyant Daysi stands out from the crowd. Apart from her day job at the local secretary’s office, where she’s been managing confidential documents for the past 32 years, she brings in extra income by renting her home, in what is known in Cuba as a casa particular.



Simple Tips for a Great Trip to Cuba from Dayna Steele

Last Thanksgiving, we booked an early Spring 2015 InsightCuba trip for the entire family to visit Wonder Husband’s ancestral island. On December 17th, the entire trip and experience took on a whole new facet with these simple words from President Obama, “Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.”



Top Six Reasons To “C” Cuba Now

More than 50 years ago, Cuba underwent a political revolution. Now, diplomatic shifts are bringing change—and scores of formerly forbidden American visitors—to the island nation once again. Many believe that this is the best time to visit Cuba. Why? Here are six great reasons: 



Six Surprising Facts About Cuba

You knew about the classic cars, temperate climate, and rollicking music. But did you know these other interesting things about our near neighbor? As our countries resume their old friendship, why not brush up on your knowledge? If you visit, it might come in handy!



Hemingway in Cuba

Literary giant Ernest Hemingway loved Cuba: its fishing, its climate, the daiquiris he discovered at a local bar and would popularize. Cubans, in turn, adored “Papa” Hemingway, who described himself as “Cubano sato,” an average Cuban. He first saw Cuba as a layover on his way to Spain, and ended up living on the island for most of his last two decades (1940-60). 



Cuba across borders

InsightCuba caught up with Berit Engstrom, an insightCuba tour leader hailing from Minnesota that has been traveling to Cuba, on and off, since 2007. Berit discusses how her love for Cuba started while on a semester abroad in Havana, her experience in being in a cross-cultural relationship with a Cuban, as well as her thoughts on the current changes in Cuba.