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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors are allowed to bring laptops for their own personal use.

As is the case at most airports worldwide, laptops must be removed from luggage and placed in bins when going through security when entering Cuba. Sometimes security personnel will ask for your passport number when you bring in a laptop computer. This is standard procedure and should cause no concern. 

Smart and Mobile Phones
As of November 2015, Sprint and Verizon have reported mobile phone agreements in Cuba. We advise you to call your carrier for the most up-to-date information.

Phone Rental in Cuba
Mobile phones are not available for rent in Havana at the time of printing.

Other Carriers
Although your mobile phone or PDA device may not have international mobile service or signal in Cuba, many guests, including our staff, bring phones, tablets, and other PDA devices to access their address or contact lists, and for email and text usage when connected to hotel WiFi. Other smart-phone functions, including camera, alarm clocks, music storage, flashlight and apps not requiring internet, will work.
You may purchase WiFi access by the hour or day at certain hotels. This will allow your smart phone—but not mobile phones—to access email and instant messaging applications. Access to WiFi is generally available only in hotels, is often slow, and can be expensive.
In summary, most guests appreciate that their trip to Cuba virtually requires them to unplug.

The electrical current in Cuba is mostly 110 volts AC (the same as in the U.S.). Many recently built hotels also have 220-volt AC current. Some have both 110v and 220 v. We recommend bringing a multi-adapter which will ensure that you can plug in and charge any devices in your room. You may need a power converter if your appliance or device doesn't provide a range of currents such as 110-240v or 120-240v.  If the adapter doesn't say 240v on it somewhere and you have to plug it in to a 220v outlet, the unit may not work.  Most smart phones and other portable devices have internal transformers that allow you to plug in the device in any country. You just need the correct wall adapter. 

Yes, most tourist hotels in Havana and other large cities have either a computer or small business center, where you can pay for internet usage by the minute or hour. To access the internet from your hotel, you will have to purchase an internet access ticket. This ticket will have a printed password that will allow you to connect to the internet for a specified period of time.

Please understand that the connection speed in Cuba may be slower than what you're accustomed to in the US and that internet is not widely available when traveling to the outer provinces.

On average, tourist hotels charge 6-10 CUC's per hour. While most hotels in Cuba do not have Wifi, travelers can utilize computers in the tourist hotel business centers.

Locations such as Foto Video and Photo Service sell small digital or instant cameras, but professional equipment like SLRs, lenses, filters and flash units can be very difficult to find. It is a good idea to bring spare batteries, tapes and film, which are also not commonly available.

Guests may bring digital cameras, small video cameras, and smart phones into Cuba; however, entering Cuba with professional photography or videography equipment is subject to Cuban governmental regulations and requires special permission from the Cuban government. If you plan to bring camera equipment that exceeds what can reasonably be carried on your person, please call us at 800-450-2822 for more information.

Purchasing or renting a cell phone for tourits is not currently available in Cuba. 

Many hotels in Havana and Santiago de Cuba have WIFI, a business center with Internet access, or both. WIFI is available either by the hour or by the day, and Internet access in business centers is charged by the hour. At the time of printing, WIFI hourly rates were around CUC $6 at the Melia Cohiba in Havana, the primary hotel for insightCuba guests. Please note that Internet and WIFI access in Cuba is much slower than in the U.S.

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