Can I donate my running shoes in Cuba?

It’s a known fact that Cuba is scarce when it comes to shopping. Running shoes, in particular, are nowhere to be found for purchase, and if they appear in stores, they sell at a prohibitive price for the locals. Therefore, running shoes donations are much appreciated by the Cuban people. 

If you are interested in donating running shoes, we highly recommend you bring at least two pairs of running shoes – one to use in the competition, and one to donate. During your insightCuba orientation, please inform your tour leader which items you wish to donate. To further facilitate things, insightCuba has made special arrangements for donations during the Marabana Havana Marathon to be dropped off in one single location. Tour leaders will collect running shoes and other running equipment the day before the race. The Havana Marathon Race Director and insightCuba recommend against giving items to strangers in the street during the race or afterwards in the chute as it creates an unsafe situation for other runners and can lead to injuries. We also recommend against giving items to random people who approach you on the street as it poses unrealistic expectations on future visitors and may elicit unwanted advances. 

For more information, visit our FAQ on goods to donate in Cuba