What are examples of people-to-people activities?

Travelers consistently tell us that their favorite in-country experiences are the intimate and special connections they forge with local people, the opportunity to share a smile, make a friend, and gain real insight into the destination. It’s ours, too!

InsightCuba’s people-to-people activities provide guests with a unique experience and insight into the lifestyle of Cuban's. Learn more about activities here and places the average tourist rarely sees. Our guests discover Cuba from an insider’s perspective. You’ll get the opportunity to know extraordinary people who will inspire you, share their stories, and listen to yours. We’ll take you to the heart of what makes this country so fascinating and you’ll walk away with memories you’ll cherish forever.

Below are some highlights of people-to-people activities.  We also invite you to browse the itineraries for any of our Cuba tours to see many of our exclusive people-to-people activities.

  • Meet popular Cuban painters in their studios
  • Visit an inspiring community project
  • Experience performances from Cuba's most acclaimed performers
  • Visit a Cuba primary school and interact with the children
  • Experience a live music demonstration and discussions with some of Cuba’s popular musicians
  • Meet with Cuban business owners who have started thriving under Cuba’s new economic model.
  • Go backstage with local Cuban dance groups
  • Meet with an expert historian regarding local Cuban history
  • Meet with an expert in Cuban architecture and explore Cuba’s rich architectural history
  • Tour fine art museums with local experts
  • Dine at private, family owned Cuban restaurants


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