Where can I exchange currency in Cuba?

You can safely and legally exchange your U.S. dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, and many other currencies at a CADECA (Casa de Cambios), your hotel lobby, or at international Cuban banks including Banco Central de Cuba. We recommend exchanging currency at the CADECA at the airport after going through customs.  There are two kiosks available for this service before you exit the airport arrival hall. If these kiosks are not open upon your arrival, often the CADECA kiosk in the departures hall, right next door, is open and can provide the same service. If you don't have time to exchange your currency at the CADECA at the airport, you may do so at your hotel.

Generally, the exchange rates that you will receive at a CADECA and your hotel are similar, and better than those at the international banks which charge a larger commission.

There is a 13% tariff on the exchange of U.S. dollars, which is not levied on Canadian dollars, Euros, or other currencies. Currently, the exchange rate for U.S. dollars and CUCs (Cuban Convertible Pesos) is 1:1.