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Hotel Sevilla
Hotel Overview

When the likes of Al Capone and Lucky Luciano strode down Paseo de Martí, they’d often post up at Hotel Sevilla. From its top-floor Roof Garden, these mafioso would look down onto WWII-era autos, rum in hand, as cigar smoke and Cuban music rose above them. Clearly, some things never change.

Hotel Sevilla has graced the Havana skyline longer than the elegant Capitolio framed through its Roof Garden windows. Built in 1908, this Spanish-inspired structure has elements of Moorish design throughout, with particular attention paid to the hotel’s entrance, lobby, and dining room ceilings.

This is a true Cuban experience with the city’s best stops a short stroll away, including the Malecón, Capitolio, Gran Teatro, and multiple museums.