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Explore Street Food in Cuba

If you want to experience a culture’s epicurean essentials, do as the locals do: seek out the best street food. Throughout Cuba, vendors peddle simple snacks and drinks, offering a great way to taste many flavors without dropping much cash. In Cuba, as in other places, street food is best explored by those with ironclad digestive systems and adventurous mindsets.


What to Look For 



Ten Spanish Phrases You Need To Know

In Cuba, you need to know at least the basics of Spanish. Whether you want to travel across the island or order a delicious Caribbean dish, these top phrases will kick-start your conversations.



My Cuba Diaries: Shopping in Cuba

Sunscreen, toothpaste, wet wipes, Advil, female products, insect repellant: forgetting these basic items is not an option when packing for Cuba. The buzz surrounding the island’s open-door policy toward Americans is heartening. But don’t forget, the embargo is still on—which means the most common necessities remain scarce in Cuba’s state-run shops.



Los Caneyes: lodging like the Taínos in Santa Clara

Unlike its sister provinces, displaying visions of colonial vistas and picture-perfect beaches, Santa Clara doesn’t pack on the accolades for beauty. Rather, those interested in the history of the island and its long association with Che Guevara, should make their way to the center of Cuba, for a generous dose of revolutionary history and a growing edgy youth culture. 



President Obama Visits Cuba

President Barack Obama was neither the first nor last head of state to make an official visit to Cuba this year. However, his trip has already been recognized as the most unexpected, important, and original.

Accelerated efforts to restore relations have united two neighbors who share culture, kin, and, notwithstanding the embargo, economies.  



Obama Further Eases Travel Restrictions Ahead of Historic Visit

It took 88 years, but the day is finally here. The first sitting president to visit Cuba, since Calvin Coolidge attended the Pan American Conference in Havana in January 1928, comes as coronation of the last 15 months of diplomatic efforts between the formerly alienated nations. 


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