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Baseball in Cuba

Though they are two very different countries in many ways, Cuba and the United States have at least one major thing in common: the love of baseball. Many assume that soccer is the most popular sport in Cuba, given futbol’s prominence in the rest of Latin America. But, like in the United States, baseball is Cuba’s national pastime.



My Cuba Diaries: Dinner at La Guarida

If I knew nothing else about going back to Cuba, one thing was for sure. I would dine at La Guarida, Havana’s most coveted paladar. I requested a reservation not weeks, but several months in advance. An exaggeration for sure, but my preventive excitement was off the charts. Ever since watching Fresa y Chocolate (1993), the sole Oscar-nominated Cuban movie shot on the location of today’s La Guarida (that’s hideout in Spanish), I’ve made a mental note to one day visit.



The Five Best Views of Havana

Cuba, the pearl of the Antilles, is perhaps most renowned for its music, rum, and cigars. Equally deserving, though, are its unique cityscapes. Havana, Cuba’s capital, is known as the Paris of the Caribbean. The city is steeped in history and boasts the best of Cuban architecture, including remnants of the colonial period, classical European-style edifices, art deco homes, 1950’s mobster-run casinos, and giant concrete Soviet structures.



Is Cuba safe for Americans?

The world has its eye on Cuba this year. The Caribbean island nation of some 11 million inhabitants has been topping news headlines and travel industry must-see lists, and for good reason. With its turquoise waters, unbelievably preserved wildlife habitats, distinctive music, rich history, lively culture, classic cars, and cigars, Cuba is stunning and unique. And with the recent political détente between the Cuban and U.S. governments, Cuba is more accessible to Americans now than it has been in decades.



The Five Best Spots for Salsa Dancing in Havana

There is some debate over the exact origins of salsa, but many historians agree that this popular music and dance were born in Cuba. Salsa music is a mish-mash of Latin musical rhythms centered mostly on traditional Cuban son music from the east. The high-energy music and accompanying dance gained its name in New York in the 1960s where son was fused with big band music and jazz, and Cubans and Puerto Ricans living in the big apple transformed the dance accordingly. 



Hidden Havana gem: Los Naranjos restaurant

Tucked between the art deco Cuban architecture masterpieces and wide, leafy avenues of Havana’s Vedado neighborhood, Los Naranjos restaurant is one spot where Cuba’s splendorous past and innovative future meet. 


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