Benefits of taking a guided tour to Cuba


Benefits of Taking a Guided Tour to Cuba

For the better part of 50 years, the enigmatic island nation of Cuba has remained all but off limits to most American travelers. But now it’s open for U.S. travelers to visit legally, with a licensed tour operator such as insightCuba. From handling all logistics to recommending the best paladares in Havana, here are some of the top benefits of taking a guided tour to this fascinating country. 

It’s legal. It’s no longer necessary for Americans to take a risky – and illegal – trip to Cuba via Mexico or Canada. Instead, they can opt for a legal, licensed excursion with tour operators such as insightCuba. Such operators must adhere to a rigorous government licensing program that handles all of the necessary legal requirements, from your visa to your authorization letter. 

All travel logistics are taken care of. From handling passports to organizing the daily tours to booking hotels rooms, the tour operator handles every last detail of planning your trip. And in a country like Cuba, where business takes place at a much slower (and more sporadic) pace than in the United States, that’s a big bonus for any traveler. 

You’ll see Cuba alongside a local guide. InsightCuba works closely with a group of local Cuban guides who can give personal insight about what it’s really like to live in Cuba. There’s no more authentic way to experience the island. 

You can take your pick of experiences. From seeing Cuba via fascinating perspectives from land and by sea, to taking a toe-tapping immersion into the country’s rich musical history, traveling with a guide like insightCuba allows you to pick a trip that’s tailored to your interests. Choose from our selection of Small Group and Specialty Cuba tours

You’ll meet other like-minded travelers. As you’re enjoying the beauty and spirit of Cuba and its locals, you’ll also be getting to know your fellow travelers, who can enrich your experience in unexpected ways. Many of our guests say they start off as strangers and leave as friends.