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Yes. Your health, standard of care, and safety are of the utmost importance to insightCuba. When you enroll in an insightCuba program, you automatically receive an enhanced health and medical evacuation insurance policy. This policy is not supplemental and provides you with full coverage while in Cuba. Your policy information will be included in your Handbook, which will be included in your Welcome Package.

If desired it is also possible to upgrade your policy directly with the provider. For more details, please visit the "Can I Upgrade My Trip Cancellation Insurance" FAQ.

Since April 2010, the Cuban government requires that all travelers to Cuba must have medical insurance under an approved plan. As an insightCuba guest, this insurance will be provided to you through our Travel Medical and Evacuation Insurance policy, which is comprehensive and well exceeds that required by Cuban law.

Yes. We highly recommend that you consider purchasing additional trip cancellation insurance to cover the costs of your tour. A $1,000 benefit to cover the risk of cancellation, due to illness or injury is automatically included in the Core Travel Medical Insurance Plan, which is included in your tour.

In order to cover the entire cost of your trip, insightCuba has selected Allianz Global Assistance as our preferred trip cancellation coverage partner. Allianz has helped over 13 million people last year plan for the unpredictable with financial protection and 24/7 support from their travel professionals around the world. Simply call an Allianz Global Assistance agent at 866-884-3556 to review the available plans. When contacting Allianz please include ACCAM # F204677 for faster service. 

When you enroll in an insightCuba tour, you automatically receive $1,000 of trip cancellation insurance. This $1,000 benefit covers the risk of cancellation, due to illness or injury and is included in the Core Travel Medical Insurance Plan.

You may also upgrade your trip cancellation insurance to cover the entire cost of you trip. For more details, please visit the FAQ for Can I Upgrade My Trip Cancellation Insurance? 

For questions about Core Travel Insurance coverage and extension or upgrade options, please send an e-mail to administrator@coretravelinsurance.com, call 518-708-4192*, or go to www.coretravelinsurance.com.

Our policy is provided by Starr Liability, along with Indemnity Company and insightCuba. Participants are covered for up to $50,000 of in-country medical expenses and unlimited Medevac insurance, as well as $1,000 of medical trip cancellation insurance.

Medical coverage is in effect for the dates of your insightCuba program only.  If you plan to travel before or after your program, you may want to extend coverage to remain protected.  You will be able to do so at discounted rates, and you will also have the opportunity to upgrade your coverage to the higher limits of Silver, Gold or Diamond Plus, which provides up to $500,000 in combined medical evacuation/transportation expenses, as well as increased limits for the other benefits.

In order to upgrade, it must be done before your program starts, and you must extend it before your program ends; both require paying an additional premium over the cost of the standard insurance.  Please note that coverage does not extend to travel within the United States.

For more details, please visit the "How do I contact Core Travel Insurance to discuss my insurance coverage?" FAQ.

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