WXPN World Café


On June 17, 2012, the XPN crew, along with a group of 38 WXPN listeners, led by radio personality David Dye, a Philadelphia radio DJ whose music enthusiasm has captivated listeners of World Cafe since 1991, landed in Cuba for a once-in-a-lifetime music adventure, which took them to Havana, Cienfuegos, and  Trinidad over the course of eight days.

From the moment this band of music lovers arrived in Cuba, their journey chasing the rhythms on every street-corner commenced. They learned about the history of Cuban music and the recording industry in Cuba today, met with popular contemporary musicians and artists, and shared stories, meals and dance moves with local citizens. 

“A long time desire to experience the culture” and “to hear the music live” propelled many of the music lovers to sign up for the trip with insightCuba, and their expectations were exceeded.  

insightCuba’s Custom Groups team jam-packed the itinerary with people-to-people and musical events, including a private jazz class at La Zorra y El Cuervo and interviews and concerts with Sintesis, Eme Alfonso, and Charanga Latina. 

“Just as I expected, the music seemed to come straight from the heart of the musicians “, commented a content traveler.

The insightCuba tour leader on the ground also made sure to include more unforgettable moments at the end of the daily program; she arranged a salsa lesson with dance students and selected excellent paladars for dinner. 

“If something didn't work out, there was an alternate plan. Everything was done to make my trip a success. I felt safe and relaxed at all times,” said another group member.

WXPN travelers were also extremely pleased with their local tour guide. “I feel I understand more about Cuba today than I could have as a tourist visiting on my own”, stated an anonymous traveler, “Our guide gave us so much information about Cuba and life in Cuba- even sang us a local Cuban lullaby”.

When insightCuba asked for feedback on the experience, even World café fanatic Carolyn couldn’t pick her favorite moment; “It’s hard to pick, all of the private music experiences were wonderful! There was nothing about the tour that I least liked. The tour gave me everything and more than I expected”. 

The WXPN trip was the perfect vehicle to learn more about Cuban music and seeing the Cuban side of history. With years of experience working in Cuba, insightCuba has the ability to facilitate activities that participants will love.