How much should I tip?

Tipping in Cuba is a uniquely rewarding endeavor. The customary tip is very important in supplementing the average Cuban’s income, so we encourage our travelers to embrace the joy of giving, and feel good about leaving gratuities for the Cuban people who work to make your experience so memorable.

Gratuities for luggage handling, restaurant service, and programmed activities throughout the tour are handled by insightCuba. Customary end-of-tour gratuities for the Cuban guide, driver, and tour leader are left to the guest’s discretion and should be based on the guest’s satisfaction with the level of service received. 

One reality of Cuba’s dual-currency system is that only some items are subsidized by the government and can be purchased with the Cuban peso (CUP). Many things — particularly higher-quality goods such as foodstuffs, clothing, and household items — are sold in the Cuban convertible peso (CUC$).

Accessing CUC$, whether in tips, remittances from abroad, or even dealings in the black market, is part of most people’s daily struggle, otherwise known as La Lucha. Cuban staff will share their tips with their families, friends, and coworkers who don’t have access to CUC$. Please be mindful of excessive tipping, which can lead to unrealistic expectations regarding future visitors from America and how much they will be expected to tip. 

To assist you in tipping your Cuban guide and driver, we’ve created a simple guideline below based on your satisfaction of the services received. Tipping is a highly personal matter and the guideline below is only suggested rates for tipping. You may tip more or less depending on your preference: 

  • Cuban Guide: CUC$5-8 per person per day
  • Cuban Bus Driver: CUC$3-5 per person per day
  • Bartenders: CUC$1 per drink
  • Housekeeping*: CUC$1 per day
  • Taxi Drivers: 10 percent of the fare
  • Musicians: CUC$1
  • Bathroom Attendants: Use your small coins — 10 centavos, 25 centavos, etc.  

*We suggest tipping housekeepers on a daily basis, rather than at the end of your stay.