Are there any AA meetings that are held in Cuba? If so, is it possible to attend those?

Yes. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have been held in Havana for more than two decades and welcome foreign members whenever they happen to be passing through. Cuban attendees are friendly, supportive, and eager to share with their foreign friends. 

However, to attend a meeting, insightCuba guests must reach out to the centres directly. In addition, they should make arrangements to visit during their non-programming time in the evening. Contact information for various centers in Havana is below, however we reccommend reaching out to them directly prior to visiting as times and locations change frequently. Also, before traveling, we recommend visiting the AA in Cuba website


Oficina De Servicios Generales
Calle 27 #156 (Interior)entre 
Habana 10400
Cell: (53) 533-98629

Iglesia Bautista William Carey

Calle J #555, near Calle 25

Phone: 832-2250

Fri.-Mon., 7 p.m.

Grupo Habana

San Lázaro No. 805, between Marques Gonzalez y Oquendo

In the church next to Hospital Almejeiras

Phone: 878-8404

Mon.-Thurs. and Sat., 7 p.m.

Grupo Despertar

Calle 19, between Calles J & I 

Convento San Juan De Letran

Mon. and Fri., 8 p.m.