Can I buy or rent a cell phone while in Cuba?

Yes. Before you leave for Cuba, you can rent a compatible mobile phone from companies such as Cellular Abroad (offered by National Geographic), Cello Mobile, or Mobal for use in Cuba.  In addition to daily rental fees, you should expect to pay approximately $3 USD per minute of call time and up to $1.50 USD per outgoing text message. Depending on the type of phone rented, data may also be available at an additional cost. 

You can also now rent phones while in Cuba from Cubacel. There are Cubacel offices in Terminals #2 and #3 at José Martí International Airport in Havana.  Cubacel charges a one-time refundable deposit of $100 CUC ($100 USD), plus a daily fee of $10 CUC ($10 USD). Additionally, you should expect to pay all of the applicable per-minute call charges – approximately $0.35 CUC ($0.35 USD) per minute for calls within Cuba and $1.85 CUC ($1.85 USD) per minute for calls to the United States. Outgoing text messages cost $0.16 CUC ($0.16 USD) to send within Cuba and $1 CUC ($1.00 USD) to send abroad, and data is not available.