Can I discuss politics and daily life in Cuba?

Yes, feel free to converse with the Cuban people as you would with the people of any other country that you may visit.

One misconception about Cuba is that you should always refrain from speaking with Cubans about these matters. In fact, it would be a shame not to. Cubans are often extremely well-informed, and open to discussing the positives and negatives of their country, provided you are willing to do the same with yours. You will discover that Cubans love having conversations concerning just about everything with outside guests. Just be prepared to grab a seat.

There may be occasions when someone is reluctant to discuss a certain topic. If this occurs, simply avoid forcing the issue and move to a different subject. Be civil, keep an open-mind, respect their culture, and avoid making statements that would obviously be inflammatory – just as you would anywhere else. Otherwise, the only other advice is to talk with as many people as you can and make some new friends!