Is there a minimum age to travel to Cuba?

Guest travel with us from all over the United States, and the ages vary from trip-to-trip and whether you are traveling on an insightCuba Tour, Cruise, or Vacation. 

insightCuba Tours & insightCuba Cruises

The majority of our guests who travel on an insightCuba Tour or Cruise are 45 years and older and are comprised of couples, solo travelers, friends, and families. Additionally, many multi-generational families travel on our insightCuba Tours providing diversity in age ranges. We also have a combination of solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends who travel with us.    

Due to the immersive and educational nature of our insightCuba Tours and Cruises, as well as the robust itinerary, the minimum age for our insightCuba Tours is 12 years. If you are a family with children under 12 years of age, we recommend joining one of our insightCuba Vacations where there is no minimum age, or creating your own Private Cuba tour with one of our Private Cuba tour specialists. 

InsightCuba Vacations 

All ages are welcome on insightCuba Vacations. 


If you have questions on the minimum age requirements to travel to Cuba on an insightCuba Tour or Cruise, we encourage you to contact one of our travel specialists at 800-450-2822. You can also contact our Private Cuba tour department to see if a private Cuba tour is best for you. You can visit our group travel page here