When is the Marabana Havana Marathon and half marathon?

Since 1987, the Marabana Havana 10K, Half & Full Marathon is held every third Sunday of November. To learn about this year's events, please visit our Havana Marathon tours page for the race date and more details.  

Each year, InsightCuba presents two exclusive offers: the Havana Marathon 4-Day Package, centered around the Marabana Havana 10K, Half & Full Marathon and the Havana Marathon 8-Day Cool-Down Tourwhich takes runners outside the capital city for a celebratory journey into the Western province of Pinar del Río where swirling tobacco fields provide a post marathon backdrop. To remain compliant with U.S. regulations regarding legal travel to Cuba, insightCuba tours are comprised of two different itineraries. First, one for the registered “runners” running in the half marathon, full marathon, or 10k race, and another for the “companions” of marathon runners, traveling with runners, but not running in the race. 

For the unique chance to participate in this epic race, register at http://insightcuba.com/cuba-tours/speciality/havana-marathon-tours or call 800-450-CUBA (2822) to speak with an expert insightCuba travel specialist.