Travel to Cuba: No Longer Just a Dream

By: Valentina Sbarra

It’s official, I’m coming.  Need I say more?

I love the enthusiastic reactions I get from people when I brag about my upcoming journey to Cuba.  “You are kidding did you get so lucky…is it legal…are you sneaking in through another country?” and my personal favorite, “mojitos at the Malecon, you brat!” 

Well the cats out of the bag, or should I say; the cigar has been lit, because legal travel to Cuba for Americans is alive and well! The best part is; all I have to do is show up to the airport on time.  But wait, because this gets even better.  Not only have I scored one of the hottest tickets in travel today, but remember my name, because one day you could be reading it in a history book!  My American size 7’s will be among the first to touch down on Cuban ground this August.


If my boss only knew that mentally, I’ve already arrived in Cuba, he’d be less than amused!  I find myself drifting in and out of Cuba consciousness, closing my eyes from time to time, subtly swaying to the rhythmic melodies of Cuban jazz.  When I’m driving, I roll down all of the windows in my car and pretend it’s the cool, crisp breeze skipping off the ocean, as I stand at the Malecon in pure wonderment. 


One month from today, for the first time in my semi-young life, I’ll board a plane to the unknown, to discover an island unlike no other, a culture unlike no other, and come face to face with the true spirit of Cuba, its people.

Wanna come?

Photos by: Robin Thom