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Photo Series: Beautiful Baracoa Cuba

Baracoa situated in the Bay of Honey (Bahia de Meil) is the first city to be visited by Christopher Columbus on his voyage to Cuba. It is said that he decribed Baracoa as the most beautiful place in the world...



Recipe of the Week: El Presidente

Ah! Our recipe of the week is taking a turn for the best. Sit back and enjoy this delicious Cuban cocktail.




Facts about Cuban Music

Cuba is a Caribbean island that has imparted a wide spread influence on various musical styles in the last two centuries. The core of many Cuban musical identities lies in the "cabildos," a type of social unification amongst African slaves transported to the island. Cabildos maintained African cultural customs, and this continued following the Emancipation in 1886, which required Cubans to merge with the Roman Catholic Church.


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  1. Recipe of the Week: Arroz con Leche | insightCuba -
  2. Sunset over the lighthouse at El Morro castle... Beautiful! #Cuba #Travel
  3. Baracoa’s sultry climate, remote location and relaxed pace make for a chocolate production paradise #TravelToCuba
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