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The 12 Categories of Approved U.S. Travel to Cuba

On December 17, 2014, President Obama announced the easement of travel restrictions to Cuba for Americans. Although the change was highly publicized, many of its nuances were not. Trips that once required a “specific license” are now authorized by a “general license,” which means that people who meet any of the 12 criteria listed below do not need to apply for a license to visit Cuba.



Cuba at Home: Rueda de Casino in the U.S.

Dancing is one of Cuba’s favorite pastimes, and the popular rueda de casino dance is even getting people on their feet in the U.S.



Insight Paladares: StarBien in Havana Vedado

StarBien is a Havana paladar hidden in the leafy Havana Vedado neighborhood where the streets are populated by rows of early 20th century mansions. With all of the Corinthian columns, crumbling facades, and leafy vines If you don’t know what you are looking for you will miss it.



insightCuba Launches Weekend in Santiago de Cuba Tour

This NEW five-day people-to-people tour will include exclusive salsa performances, access to sights rarely seen, and more!



The Towns And Villages of Cuba

If it’s in Cuba and it’s worth seeing, insightCuba can take you there. Our destinations include Havana, with its bustle and beauty, and towns and villages all along the length of this scenic and charming island:



Top Six Reasons To “C” Cuba Now

More than 50 years ago, Cuba underwent a political revolution. Now, diplomatic shifts are bringing change—and scores of formerly forbidden American visitors—to the island nation once again. Many believe that this is the best time to visit Cuba. Why? Here are six great reasons: