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My Cuba Diaries: The return of the Buena Vista Social Club

It was 1997 when songs like Chan Chan, Dos Gardenias and Candela put



My Cuba Diaries: planet mosaic at Casa Fuster

A lesser-known attraction to the world famous Old Havana is to be found in Jaimanitas, at the northwestern edge of the Cuban capital, where Cuban artist José Rodriguez Fuster has built a fantasy world, by the name of Fusterlandia.



An artist in Caibarien

At a first glance, the sleepy town off the grid in Villa Clara – Caibarién – a former thriving port, seemed at strife with its past glory. But as we reached its shimmering coasts off the Malecón, children started flocking and music started playing, disturbing the silence with giggles and games.



Jazz in Havana

You’ve heard it time and again. Cuba has rhythm. Cuba has soul. And fortunately so, the vibrant island has some of the best jazz you will ever hear.



Las Parrandas de Remedios: the Cuban Christmas

Christmas time, as we know it, is a time of peace and quiet. A time to gather and celebrate, to rest and reboot. But Christmas in Cuba is nothing but quiet.



Havana by night: mojitos at Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Cubans say the best mojitos in Havana are to be found at Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Selling for 4.5 CUC, a prohibitive price for any local Cuban, they are also the most expensive. One sleepless night in Havana, I went to check for myself.


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