Photo of the Day: Horse and Buggy

When people talk about how to get around in Cuba, most people mention the classic American cars. Some give a nod to the Russian Lada's or Moskvitch's that still line the streets. My personal favorite mode of transportation still widely available in Cuba is the horse and buggy.  In Old Havana you can ride around in a restored horse and buggy as a tourist for a couple of bucks, but in the rest of Cuba, it’s the real deal. The brother and sister seen in this photo are likely headed across town for their mom to do an errand or visit some family on a Saturday.   

Taken in Cardenas, Matanzas, this little coastal town exists just beyond Cuba's major tourist zone, Varadero, where many Canadians and Europeans travel to enjoy beaches and all-inclusive resorts. However, this little spot has been spared all of that... at least, for now.
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Photo by Robin Thom