Visit the historic city of Bayamo, famous for its weekly street party and the Coral de Bayamo – one of Cuba’s most important choirs.

The Cathedral of Bayamo - Catedral del Saltisimo Salvador de Bayomo. Built in 1516, it is one of the oldest church in Cuba. 

The charming capital of Granma Province is Bayamo, a city whose warmth may be derived from its fiery past. Established over 500 years ago by Spanish colonizers, it’s one of Cuba’s oldest cities and a flashpoint in the country’s history. In the Cuban War of Independence, Freedom fighters set fire to their own city – rather than see it fall into Spanish hands.

Most of its colonial buildings were lost in the blaze, but many still remain. Though these structures aren’t the only thing harkening back to Bayamo’s past. This is the city of horse carts, where nearly forty-percent of the population travel on hoofs. The high use of horses and bikes has inadvertently made Bayamo a world leader in sustainable city transportation.

But its most famous attraction may be the Fiesta de la Cubanía, a weekly street party on Saturday nights. As with most Cuban festivals, you can count on dancing, music, and a pig roast. But a Bayamo fiesta isn’t complete without chessboards – full sets sit on makeshift tables lining the street, inviting partygoers to test their skill against local players. 

While in Bayamo, we’ll also meet with performers and the director of the Coral de Bayamo (Choir of Bayamo), one of Cuba’s most important choirs. This professional group of singers is always on hand for important holidays and traditions. 

This activity is available on our Undiscovered Cuba and Weekend in Havana tours or can be integrated into a custom-made itinerary