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Insight Paladares: Nazdarovie

On Havana´s Malecon sea wall, overlooking the blue horizon of the straits of Florida is an ethnic paladar that is paying homage to Cuba´s recent history.  It is called Nazdarovie.

Nazdarovie is a restaurant that celebrates the social and cultural bond between Cuba and the ex-Soviet Union by serving up Slavic dishes surrounded by Cold War era pop and political art. 



Insight Paladares: Ivan Chefs Justo

Within walking distance from Capitolio and only a stones throw away from the famous yacht “Granma” that brought Fidel Castro and Che Gevara to Cuba is the paladar Ivan Chefs Justo.

Keeping with the colonial cosmopolitan feel of restored parts of Old Havana the restaurant is built into a residential building.



Insight Paladares: Rancho del Boyero

Cattle drives, bar-b-q, and cowboy hats are not typical images that come to the mind of many Americans when we think of Cuba.  However these elements of western cultural have roots in Cuba that go farther back than “Che” t-shirts and smoldering Cohibas.

Paladar Rancho del Boyero pays homage to the former image of Cuba by creating the ambiance of country life on the outskirts of Havana.  Equidistant between the airport and downtown Havana it is a tasty stop over on your way in or out of the country. 



Insight Paladares: Casa de Enrique

More than 50 years after a decisive battle was won on Cuba's southern shores by the nascent revolutionary government the Casa de Enrique or "Enrique's House" is a symbolic opportunity to break bread and be a part of the long overdue reconciliation between our country and Cuba.



Special Diets in Cuba

You might have heard—rightly—that vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free and other special diets are still largely unfamiliar in Cuba. However, no visitor to the island country has yet perished from hunger! With a little forethought, you should be able to navigate Cuba’s culinary scene. 




Insight Paladares: Bistro Havana Kohly

Of all things possibly associated with a 1950’s nouveau riche bedroom community in Havana a bistro worthy of a Parisian sidewalk seems a bit out of place. However in the Kohly neighborhood of Havana, just a few blocks from the Almendras river, the Bistro Havana Kohly is proving that being a bistro isn’t about location.