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Tourism is Surging in Cuba

Cuba may be only 90 miles from the United States shoreline, but for half a century, the island has been largely off-limits to most Americans. With the White House’s announcement of loosened travel restrictions to Cuba has come an immediate surge in its popularity with travelers.



The 12 Categories of Approved U.S. Travel to Cuba

On December 17, 2014, President Obama announced the easement of travel restrictions to Cuba for Americans. Although the change was highly publicized, many of its nuances were not. Trips that once required a “specific license” are now authorized by a “general license,” which means that people who meet any of the 12 criteria listed below do not need to apply for a license to visit Cuba.



insightCuba Launches Weekend in Santiago de Cuba Tour

This NEW five-day people-to-people tour will include exclusive salsa performances, access to sights rarely seen, and more!



TravelTalkRADIO With Tom Popper

This Week TravelTalkRADIO's Sandy Dhuyvetter welcomed Tom Popper, the President of



What to Expect on InsightCuba’s Classic Cuba Tour

Nine days of music, art, culture, history, and natural beauty—with stops at four important points along the island—reward travelers on insightCuba’s Classic Cuba tour



Is Global Entry worth it?

How many times have you rushed to get to the airport to make your flight only to be stymied by the line at airport security? You peer over passenger shoulders looking at the front of the security line as if your stares will make it move faster. Do you find yourself hurling yourself towards the immigration hall like an Olympic walker, after an interminable flight hoping to be the first person in line, only to be foiled by three other flights that landed before you?


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