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The Towns And Villages of Cuba

If it’s in Cuba and it’s worth seeing, insightCuba can take you there. Our destinations include Havana, with its bustle and beauty, and towns and villages all along the length of this scenic and charming island:



Top Six Reasons To “C” Cuba Now

More than 50 years ago, Cuba underwent a political revolution. Now, diplomatic shifts are bringing change—and scores of formerly forbidden American visitors—to the island nation once again. Many believe that this is the best time to visit Cuba. Why? Here are six great reasons: 



How to Hail a Cab in Cuba

The process of hailing a cab in Cuba isn’t all that different from anywhere else in the world: Wave an arm at a taxi, hope it stops for you, tell the driver where you want to go and then hop in if he says “vamos” (or anything in the affirmative).

From there, however, things get slightly more complicated because Cuba has different types of taxis. But don’t be intimidated: No matter which taxi, it’s an opportunity to hear upbeat music and have an interesting conversation en route to your destination.



Explore Pinar del Río in Cuba

For those eager to explore the countryside of Cuba, the province of Pinar del Río is a great place to start. It lies at the western end of the island and hosts a capital city by the same name. Known for spectacular mountains that ring tropical forests, the surrounding valleys are home to tobacco plantations and are popular for hiking, horse riding and rock climbing. Other attractions include secluded beaches on Pinar del Río’s keys and coral reefs and caves that attract divers.



What to Expect on InsightCuba’s Classic Cuba Tour

Nine days of music, art, culture, history, and natural beauty—with stops at four important points along the island—reward travelers on insightCuba’s Classic Cuba tour



Is Global Entry worth it?

How many times have you rushed to get to the airport to make your flight only to be stymied by the line at airport security? You peer over passenger shoulders looking at the front of the security line as if your stares will make it move faster. Do you find yourself hurling yourself towards the immigration hall like an Olympic walker, after an interminable flight hoping to be the first person in line, only to be foiled by three other flights that landed before you?