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Photo of the Day: Horse and Buggy

When people talk about how to get around in Cuba, most people mention the classic American cars. Some give a nod to the Russian Lada's or Moskvitch's that still line the streets. My personal favorite mode of transportation still widely available in Cuba is the horse and buggy.  In Old Havana you can ride around in a restored horse and buggy as a tourist for a couple of bucks, but in the rest of Cuba, it’s the real deal.



Photo of the Day: A Regular Day in Remedios, Cuba

In Villa Clara province, Remedios looks like many small towns throughout Cuba. However, that's no poke. Its Spanish colonial charm, quiet streets, and lack of overall tourism make it a charming destination and one of our favorites. But Remedios is not like any other small town in Cuba. On the days leading up to Christmas Eve, street celebrations called Las Parrandas take place. Beginning in 1820, Las Parrandas is one of Cuba’s oldest festivals.



Photo of the Day: Showing off a classic Chevy in Holguín

A gentleman proudly showcasing his classic blue Chevy outside his home in Holguín. The city is warm, welcoming, filled with Spanish colonial charm, and has just the right balance of culture and easiness, that you feel as though you are one of a few to ever discover this amazing place. American tourists rarely frequent this off-the-beaten path city destination. I walked into a paladar, recommended by my bicycle taxi driver, and sat down for dinner. The waiter asked where I was from. When I told him the US, he was so excited.



Photo of the Day: Spanish Colonial Charm in Caibarién

This quiet seaside town to the north in Villa Clara province exudes Spanish colonial charm like many places in Cuba. The town is called "La Villa Blanca" because of its white sand beaches. Guests can visit Caibarién and many other destinations on insightCuba's Vintage Cuba tour.



Pre-race: Marabana Havana Marathon

Runners from around the world gathered in Havana as they readied for the start of the 2014 Marabana Havana Marathon in front of Havana's Capitolio in the Centro Havana neighborhood.



Obama's Cuba Announcement

Dear reader,

On Wednesday, after 53 years of economic and travel sanctions, President Obama made a dream come true for our friends in Cuba. The announcement of improved relations between the U.S. and Cuba was met with elation in Cuba. A close friend described the moment in Havana: