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Insight Paladares: Restaurante 1800

Paladares are springing up everywhere in Cuba’s capital.  The most reviewed and anticipated locations are putting Havana



Our Girl in Havana: Cuba Libre

When I first arrived in Havana I knew nothing of the Cuban War of Independence. I had a hazy recollection of learning about the sinking of the USS Maine, and that Cuba had played some part in the Spanish-American War (note: no mention of Cuba in the title).



Cuba by Land & Sea

In Cuba and other Latin American countries, the word Malécon refers to a seaside esplanade that’s a popular gathering spot for locals.



Havana Art Biennial

As the New York Times notes, “artists occupy an unusual and privileged place in Cuba, where they can … push the boundaries of political critique further than many …” 



Insight Paladares: La California, Havana

For the last few years, the paladares of Cuba have been trying to save the country from its stereotype of mediocre to bad food.  La California, located in Central Havana, is doing its part by reintroducing the island to quality Italian dishes, especially their pizza. 



Baseball in Cuba with Eric Nadel

There has never been a more exciting time for sport fans to visit Cuba than now.  The countdown has begun for the Havana Marathon in November, and runners are not the only ones counting the days.


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