These Fun Facts About Cuba Will Have You Astonished!

Many people are probably familiar with Cuba's natural beaches of crystal-clear waters and delicate white sand. They may even know about Cuba's three mountain ranges, two-long provinces of savanna and abundant valleys known around the world such as Sugar Mill, Yumurí, and Viñales. Warm, transparent waters, conservation of the ecosystem, biodiversity, and a stunning variety of distinct coral reefs attract scuba diving aficionados from all over. Cuba's waters are the habitat of some 500 species of fish, 200 sponges, meadows of gorgonians, coral gardens, and caves. 


The Cuban people are vivacious, rich in spirit, curious, and wholesome. However, did you know that Cuba has one of the highest-literacy rates in the whole of Latin America? In addition, when Christopher Columbus first came upon Cuba back in 1492, he believed that he had disembarked in China! 

It's no secret that every country has abstruse amounts of facts hidden behind the annals of their own distinct history. For instance, many may envision Cuban families filled with hordes of contending siblings, but this is not the case, in fact, it's not even close! Cubans love children; however, they have only one per family and have the lowest-birth rates in the whole of the Western Hemisphere. This seems to contradict the reality since Cuba is the most colonized country in all of the Caribbean with over 11 million inhabitants. 


Here are some more Fun Facts that may astonish you about Cuba:

-Unbeknownst to many, Cuba actually possesses one of the best health care systems anywhere in the world! The typical life expectancy is equal to any other progressive nation. In addition, medical technology is one of Cuba's most leading exports. 

cuba-vieja-San Felipe-Mayabeque.jpg

-Schooling, health care, and food, are all promptly available without cost to any Cuban citizen. Moreover, Cuba boast the utmost doctor-to-populace percentage of any country in the world. There is such an abundance of doctors in Cuba, that many are frequently appointed overseas to countries in need of medical professionals.


-By total region, Cuba is deemed the 105th biggest country in the world, and the 16th biggest island anywhere in the world by land region. Over 4,000 islands and cays share Cuba. 


-Cuba's dry-season is from November to April and the wet-season is from May to October.


-The official language of Cuba is Spanish even though many Cubans speak English. 


-The Cuban population love baseball. Baseball means as much to Cuba as Soccer does to Europe and Columbia!


-Cuba is the habitat of the Bee Hummingbird acknowledged as the world's tiniest bird. This adorable bird only reaches two-inches in length in adulthood. 

-Cuba is world renowned for their top-quality cigars.


-There is no authoritative state religion in Cuba; nonetheless, the preponderance of Cubans are Catholics. 


-The famous writer Ernest Hemingway wrote "The Old Man and the Sea," and "For Whom the Bell Tolls," while living in Cuba.

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-Cuba is frequently referred to as El Cocodrilo, which means alligator in Spanish. This is because the aerial view of Cuba bears resemblance to the actual form of an alligator.

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Cuba has not only a vibrant history, but also many intriguing facts that amazes people once they discover them. Cuba is loved by tourist the world over, upon learning more about the country; it may just be the perfect place for your next vacation!


Photos by: Robin Thom, © all rights reserved