Embark on a Cuban expedition this holiday season!

Travelers looking to inaugurate the holiday season with some sabor de Cuba should take advantage of insightCuba’s December departures. This December 23rd up to January 3rd, go past the customary locations usually available to visitors by truly exploring Cuba's off the beaten path riches on the unparalleled Undiscovered Cuba tour

There is no need to limit yourself to one or two cities on your visit to Cuba, for this intriguing island nation is a rich land blessed with untouched forests, rustling tobacco fields, colonial cities sprouting from the foot of rugged mountains, and an abundance of blue waters. It would be a shame to not see it all in our 12-day Undiscovered Cuba Tour. For those of you with a real zest for adventure and a desire to leave no stone unturned, this is the ultimate Cuban expedition.  

This cross-country tour offers unique access to people and places the average tourist rarely sees. From the moment you touch ground in Havana, your Cuban guide will take you through hidden country roads and labyrinth streets, while offering a unique perspective of the island.

Old Havana architecture.jpg

Your trip begins in Old Havana, a world-known UNESCO heritage area swathed in Hispanic - Andalusian architecture. From Havana, it’s off to Cuba’s central province of Villa Clara, where you’ll witness alternative art and music with local artists. Nearby, the carefully preserved town of Remedios beckons with a historic square overlooked by a Baroque cathedral.

As you journey east, stops include Ciego de Avilla, where you’ll chat with local students and teachers at a primary school, and Camaguey, where your guide will help navigate winding, maze-like streets flanked by red-tiled Colonial houses and historic churches. Here, you'll also meet the prominent local artists of Camaguey and discuss their various art forms, the influence of Cuban art on society and how artists earn a living in Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba people.jpg

Then its on to Santiago de Cuba, the second-largest city in the country and birthplace of the Cuban Revolution. Santiago is Afro-Cuban to the core, witnessed by the white clothing of Santeria initiates and the fast-talking nature of its residents.

Next, make your way to Baracoa. Wrapped in tropical forests and embraced by the sea, Baracoa is a photographer’s paradise. As the oldest city in Cuba, its way of life is refreshingly simple; many people make a living fishing and cultivating coconut and banana. You’ll see strong work ethic in action on a private tour of a cucurucho (the sugar and coconut candy) factory.

You’ll then return to Santiago de Cuba to immerse yourself one more time in this soulful city before heading back to Miami.

Come join us this Christmas on this cross-country voyage through Cuba, and ring in the New Year's in this fascinating country. You will truly seize the beauty, spirit and soul of Cuba and its people!

For more information and additional tour dates, please visit our Undiscovered Cuba tour page.