2015 Travel Dates to Cuba Have Arrived

There is something magical about the arrival of spring: a sense of renewal, blossoming flowers and lots of sunshine to look forward to. And for this next spring, an extra reason to celebrate: Cuba is calling!

With the number of Americans visiting Cuba reaching a record high, only second to Canada in total of visitors, there has never been a more exciting time for Americans to visit the fascinating Caribbean island. With increased services in tourism, and a buoyant vibe on its streets, Cuba is burgeoning into a most enthralling, rewarding destination.

Which is why we just released our spring travel dates for 2015, for those of you looking to plan your trip to Cuba in the loveliest of seasons.

2015 also marks insightCuba’s fifteenth year anniversary since providing legal travel to Cuba. It’s been an exciting journey of sending thousands of Americans to the once forbidden island, in what symbolizes for many the fulfillment of a long-desired dream.  

So, if you want to get ahead of your 2015 travels, book now!


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