Why You Should Travel with a Tour Company

There are many ways to take a trip to new or even familiar destinations: with family, with a group of friends, with a DIY itinerary or with a tour company. Of course, there are pros and cons to traveling in each manner but here at insightCuba, we are fans of the tour company approach for many reasons. If you’re thinking of a taking trip abroad, consider traveling with a tour company for a wonderful, stress-free experience. Give it one try and you’ll likely do it again. Here’s why.

Less Stress
Taking a trip, especially to another country, takes an incredible amount of planning. You’ll have to deal with paperwork and travel documents you might not be that familiar with: passports, visas, customs forms, health insurance, etc. A tour company will make sure you have all your ducks in a row and help you understand documentation requirements before, during and after your trip.

insightCuba has taken over 20,000 U.S. Citizens to Cuba, making us one of the premier organizations for people-to-people travel. We know Cuba inside and out, so let us do the work of planning your perfect Cuban tour.

Traveling with a limited amount of time is difficult: you want to see and do everything. But how do you make the most of your time while exploring another culture or country? If you aren’t familiar with your destination, you could create an itinerary that isn’t very efficient and could cause you to waste time you could have spent exploring your new surroundings.

Letting a tour company put together your itinerary will allow you to gain tons of efficiency and convenience in mapping out stops and activities. They’ll give you the best travel plan to help you save time and money while getting the most out of your experience.

If you're ready to see Cuba, insightCuba has many tour options to choose from. We plan every escursion down to the last detail so you can focus on exploring while we handle the planning and connectioning. You won't have to bother with arrangements around transportation, sight-seeing or activities. The quality and convenience of our tours are unmatched!

Traveling out of the country is generally recognized as safe but there are risks to any type of travel. If you're going to another country and you don’t speak the language, that risk can increase.

Traveling with a tour company will give you an extra layer of security. You’ll get help navigating your destination and have access to tour guides that are familiar with ways to keep you safe in unfamiliar territory. They have an instinct for what’s safe and what’s not, so it’s nice to know they are there to help.

Our tour groups typically have between 16-24 participants. These small group sizes help us provide the intimacy and service-level that make our Cuba tours stand out. With insightCuba, you'll receive the care and attention you need for the best level of safety and enjoyment throughout your stay.

More than likely your travel company tour guides have frequented your travel destination many times. Over time, they’ve formed relationships and connections to improve the travel experience for each successive trip.

The less time you have to use figuring out the best way to experience your travel destination, the more time you have to relax, enjoy your travel and truly live in the moment. Why not take advantage of someone else’s knowledge and expertise on a particular region or culture? When you think of it like this, it only makes sense to have the best travel experience possible that is optimized by someone else’s expertise and savoir faire. 

Traveling can be exciting, scary and stressful all at once, why not take the load off and let someone else plan the perfect, frustration-free itinerary? Traveling with a tour company will make for a memorable trip with minimal stress.

insightCuba does Cuba better than anyone else. We've led tens of thousands through this beautiful country. You can trust our connections and best-practices when it comes to traversing the island. Our knowledeable tour guides and staff are equipped to help make every moment of your trip memoriable and exciting. Let us connect you with the best Cuba has to offer.

See Cuba with insightCuba
If you’re ready to travel with a tour company, consider one of our many tours of Cuba. The popularity of this destination is growing world-wide, let us show you the best way to enjoy it. If you explore Cuba with us, we'll handle everything from accomodations to tours, guides and more. You can rest assured that we'll arrange everything so you don't have to. 

Written by: Aja McClanahan

Photo by: Robin Thom