Cubans Love Americans

The Caribbean, with its string of white sandy beaches and colorful cultures, has long drawn snowbirds and cruise enthusiasts from around the globe. While Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean’s island nations, does have its fair share of white sandy beaches that rival any of its neighbors, there is plenty that sets Cuba apart -- not just from other destinations in the Caribbean, but from any other destination in the world. 

#4 Reason Why Cuba is a Unique Travel Destination: Cubans love Americans

Even though disagreements between the U.S. government and Cuban governments often make headlines, Cubans love Americans. Yes, you read that right. Cubans in general tend to differentiate between the American people and the actions of the American government. It is also important to remember that only 90 miles separate Florida and Cuba, and there are an estimated 2 million Cuban-Americans living in the United States fueling a healthy flow of cross-cultural exchanges.

On a simpler level, one might ask, “but can socialists and capitalists get along?” Whatever your political beliefs, Cubans love a friendly debate and are usually more than happy to share their views and to learn about yours.

Additionally, American visitors have become an important part of the Cuban economy in recent years. Many of Cuba’s earnest entrepreneurs have been negatively impacted by the drop in American visitors in recent months. When Americans ask them, “How can we help?” the answer is simple. Travel to Cuba!

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