Hop a ferry to the hillside town of Casablanca, home to The Christ of Havana sculpture and sweeping views of Old Havana.

Christ of Havana statue, Cuba

The hillside neighborhood of Casablanca is a 15-minute ferry from Havana Harbor. Riding alongside the locals, you’ll see first-hand how Cubans move around the island.

Upon our arrival in Casablanca, you’ll find sweeping, waterside views of the Malecón and an up-close look at The Christ of Havana. This 66-foot high sculpture of Jesus was completed on Christmas Eve of 1958, just fifteen days before Fidel Castro entered Havana, signaling victory in the Cuban Revolution. 

Look closely at The Christ of Havana and you’ll notice the statue has no eyes, giving the impression that Jesus looks at all, from everywhere. Some locals also suggest the statue’s hands are positioned to resemble Jesus holding a cigar in his right hand and a mojito in his left.

This activity is available on our Undiscovered Cuba tours or can be integrated into a custom-made itinerary